- Cancellation Policy - Tampa, FL
Family  First  Camper  Rental -
Cancellation Policy;
Cancellations less than 60 days;
All fees/ deposits are Non Refundable!  
No Exceptions!
Or You may receive a credit towards a future rental, less the $150.00 Reservation deposit & the $50.00 Administrative Fee.  You have 1 year to use this credit towards a rental.
Cancellations with 60 days or more notice;
A partial refund will be credited; less the $150.00 Reservation Deposit and $50.00 Administrative fee.
Or   you may receive a credit towards a future rental; less the $50.00 administrative fee. You have 1 year to use this credit.
Reservation Deposits are required 3- 4 weeks prior to your scheduled rental date. 
Reservation Deposit = $150.00
This Deposit Is Applied Towards Your Rental Fees And Is Non Refundable!
Holiday Cancellations; There Is NO Refund Of Rental Fees/ Reservation Deposit
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